I just saw your website and I am still new here so I am wondering if I can watch the videos online for free. If yes, I want to ask how and where can I see them? 

We appreciate your effort for checking out our website, thank you. You can watch the videos online for free and you can find them in many ways. For example, you can just search for the title of the film you are looking for but if you want to explore what to watch, you may go to the genres section and see what is most interesting for you. It’s also a great way to discover those not-so-famous animations but are nevertheless great. You can discover these by clicking the ‘discover more’ section and watch them all for free. 

Hello, I am badly looking for a shop where I can buy animated movies merchandise and I am so glad to see them here. I want to ask how I can buy them and if the shipping fee is already added to the items’ prices? 

Hi, thank you so much for visiting our website. We hope you found the merchandise you are looking for. To buy them, please go to the shop section and search for the item you would like to purchase. Then click the ‘buy’ button and follow the transaction process. The prices and the shipping fee are not yet added because the cost of the shipping may vary depending on your location. But it will definitely be at the last stage of the payment transaction. 

I wanted to ask if I can choose the definition of the video I will download here? 

Yes, you can definitely choose if you’d like a high definition video or if you’d like to settle for a lower definition. You are free to select which you prefer before you even start the download.