Orchid Animation was founded a few years ago by an animator college student. Despite being a student, the animator was determined to create his own website and share his creations to many people. Orchid Animation used to be a website designed for the animator’s purpose of making his own animated films and posting it here. But as time passed by, he thought of something more to make people entertained. He wanted to bring something else using this website he created and that’s when he thought of transforming this into a new site. 

After graduating, he managed to find a stable job that was enough to let him earn. He was then able to gather many people that helped him to manage this website. The creator was aware of how much people love to watch animated series and movies and also very much aware of how most of them want to watch these films for free. Most people also look for a website where they download and watch these animations offline anytime and anywhere. The founder and his co-workers made it happen in no time because as animated film lovers themselves, they all know how someone can be so eager to watch their most favorite movies. 

With the team’s hard work and patience, Orchid Animation is now one of the best sources of animation films online. They were able to provide all of us the films we have always wanted to watch and struggled to download before. Now, it’s super easy to watch them online and save offline on your device. Orchid Animation is hoping that they satisfied a lot of people through their work and gave them entertainment through this website. Let’s all continue to love animated films and watch them whenever we have the time to relax.